“Start moving and lose weight”

The most popular phrase that doctors tell their patients is ‘move more, eat less’. This simple formula answers all questions and gets to the basics of weight loss in their most simple form: calories in have to be less than calories out. When they are, your body will burn the difference in stored fat calories, and you will lose weight. For most people, these two steps are enough in the long run to achieve their weight loss goals, but for people who struggle or want quicker results to ease medical symptoms or improve their health right away, there is a third step that has everything to do with burning fat: using fat burner supplements. Here are some quick tips and strategies to get the most out of every step in the three-part ‘move more, eat less, and burn fat’ plan.

Move More


“Go for a walk at the beach”

Exercise is good for boosting the overall health. Even minimal amounts of physical activity per week have been shown to improve heart health, improve circulation, and boost blood sugar management, which actually helps to control hunger and food cravings. Burning extra calories through physical activities also allows you to grab an extra small snack during the day and not go over your calorie goal. Make physical activity part of your daily life. Even though every little bit counts, and baby steps are encouraged at first, if you only exercise once or twice a month you are not going to see the results you need.


“Start slow and stop getting discouraged”

It’s okay to start slowly. If you’re new to exercise, it can be tempting to get ahead of yourself. Don’t rush out to the 5k lines right away; you need to train to prevent injuries and to stop yourself from getting discouraged. Exercise is not about punishing your body, but about giving it the use it needs to stay in good condition. Find the level of physical activity you are comfortable with, and just keep increasing it slowly. If the first time you go for a walk you can only make it three blocks before you have to turn around, that’s fine. Try to walk those three blocks just a little bit faster tomorrow, and tackle block four in a week or so.

Cardio activity is the exercise linked to most calorie expenditures, and thus, weight loss. However, don’t overlook strength training as well. Not only do muscles burn more calories than fat does, you need to be strong in order to attempt greater cardio feats. An out of shape body is more prone to injury, so you need to be careful with yourself. Strengthen your long leg muscles with some squats and lunges, and you’ll find yourself better able to tackle a long walk or jog up and down some hills.

Eat Less


“Eat less but that doesn’t mean starving”

The aim with weight loss eating is staying full, on less, for longer. A rich, calorie heavy meal from a fast food place is convenient, but it’s not going to keep you full. If you chose a pre-made salad or soup instead, you’d get more nutrition to strengthen your body and you wouldn’t be hungry again as soon. All of the speed with none of the effort, as pre-made salads can be picked up at all major grocery stores in as little time as a fatty combo meal can be prepared.

In addition to focusing on leafy vegetables and lean proteins to keep you full, consider eating more often but in smaller portions. Take as much food as you would usually eat in a single meal and split it in half, and eat it in two separate meals three or so hours apart. This stretches the food out, giving you fewer ‘snacking’ periods between meals and makes it less likely that you will over eat. It may take some time to adjust to this schedule, so remind yourself when you’re done with one meal that you will be eating again soon; you won’t be hungry for long.

Drinks are a way that calories sneak into your life. ‘Diet’ sodas often don’t contain calories, but they perpetuate the craving for sweets in your daily life. Stopping the soda will stop the cravings over time, making it easier to stick to your diet goals. In addition to stopping or severely reducing your soda in take, you can try to eliminate all liquids except for plenty of water and tea (provided the tea is milk and sugar free).

Burn Fat


“Burn your belly fat with cycling exercises”

If you want to shed weight using fat burners, you need to do a lot of research first. Some fat burners, like Alpha-12, are most useful for people who want to add a lot of muscle to their frame and reduce fat only to show off their muscles underneath the fat. While all approved fat burners and appetite suppressants have some value, you should always consider the primary intended audience. Alpha-12 would help anyone lose weight, but it’s not targeted specifically for that. We have performed some tests, check Our Review of Alpha-12. Safe or a Scam? See What We Found. See whether Alpha is a scam or not.

What you want is a fat burner that targets beta-receptors that control where the fat you burn is taken from. Belly fat is the worst for your health, so a health-conscious approach is to start looking there. A good fat burner helps your body “unlearn” fat storage and “remember” fat burning, and stimulates your body to do just that in response to getting fewer calories from what you are eating. A lot of all organic supplements have fewer side effects than lab-created ones. Eating certain foods (or taking supplements made of their active ingredients) is as natural as trying to boost your immune system and avoid colds simply by eating oranges and getting in on the Vitamin C.

You can shed weight by using fat burners in conjunction with diet and exercise; they’re not magical quick fixes, and shouldn’t be used as such. They’re not ‘cheating’ either; there is no cheating in weight loss, only methods that are more effective and methods that are not effective. Fat burners are one step in an overall life plan of exercise and healthy, nutrition-focused eating. Whether you need a jumpstart to kick off your weight loss, overcome a plateau, or address some weight related medical issues before the symptoms require drastic action, you should consider adding a fat burner to your diet and exercise plan.

Losing weight can often feel like an overwhelming proposition, but there are many variables and steps you can take. You may wonder how you can you know which one is really right for you, but at the simplest level, ‘move more, eat less, and burn fat’ covers what you need to do. If you’re struggling to take weight off, maybe what you need is to cut out that last snack before you go to bed or stop eating after 6 (which is when your metabolism slows down). If that doesn’t work, increasing your cardio by five minutes a session could be enough to ‘unstick’ you and let you continue your weight loss journey. After that, try another supplement, or get back on one that’s worked for you in the past. Shedding weight using fat burners is not cheating and it fits as the third step in a balanced guide to weight loss for personal health.

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“Running an adult website isn’t that easy”

“Running an adult website isn’t that easy”

Adult websites are a staple of the internet just as phone sex was a staple of late night television ads before the internet was main stream. Reviews of live cam sites sing the praises of this industry. If you want to get into this still booming trade, there are many things you may need to know. Firstly, you must know how to spot the scam sites. You can read review. This review of clearly says that is not a scam. But don’t take our word for it and go read it for yourself. Let’s look at some serious challenges that you may face while trying to break into this industry.

If you want to run an adult website, you have challenges to face

“Prepare yourself to face the challenges”

“Prepare yourself to face the challenges”

The main thing is what you should expect when you get into the technical side of things. The right technology can make or break your chances at success. Getting this technology can very well break your budget if you aren’t careful. Above all, having something that is different from the rest, yet still user friendly for your customers is the name of the game. You want to have something that stands out, works properly and keeps your visitors glued to your site.
Here is what you can expect when you start getting into the technical aspect of your new online venture. The first is one of the most important.

You need massive bandwidth allowance to minimize internal server errors

“More bandwidth – more traffic”

“More bandwidth – more traffic”

Bandwidth is the allocation you have for traffic. The more traffic you get, the more bandwidth you will need. If you don’t have enough bandwidth for your traffic and for what they do on your site, then your customers run the risk of encountering internal server errors when they reload their page, move on to another page, or try to get into your site in the first place. If you go over your bandwidth allotment, cam chats, text chats, and everything else will be instantly cut off until your allotment is increased or resets. Having unlimited bandwidth is important, and the first thing you should look for when choosing a server host.

You need a dedicated server with lots of space

The second thing you should look for in a server host is a dedicated server versus a shared server. This is where reviews of live cam sites can come in handy. Check out these reviews and follow the links to the sites. From there, you can check out the site’s who is for their information. If they are not listed as private, which most are not, you can see who they are hosted by. Garnering this information from several high quality sites can give you a list of hosting companies from which you can compare prices, features, server models, and available space.

You need custom software to service live cam chats

Custom software can be expensive, but it is necessary. Most live cam or any other adult site online has either their own proprietary software, or they aren’t about to give out what software they use. You can often find things that may work already installed on your dedicated server, but those will usually not give you the features you will need to give you the site you want. In order to get custom software, hiring a freelance coder will get you great results, and often at a competitive price if you play your cards right. Sites that connect freelance coders with clients abound on the internet, and they induce a bidding war in your favor. With the right research on the skills your software will need, you will have your programs done professionally for the best price you can expect.

You will need a webmaster on the payroll to keep the website running

Unless you are the grand master of all things internet, you may want a webmaster on your permanent payroll. Your website is the face of your company, and you want it done right. Not only do you want it done right, but you want it to stay functional for the life of your company. Finding someone who is reliable, reasonably priced, and constantly learning things as new coding languages and techniques are made available will give you the edge you need to become the best in your business. If your site breaks due to a server update, your webmaster should be at your beck and call to make the appropriate changes fast to minimize downtime and traffic loss.

A tech guru on the payroll for server crashes will come in handy

“A person with technical expertise could come in handy”

“A person with technical expertise could come in handy”

Never rely on the hosting company for all your server needs. Often you will not know what is wrong, what the symptoms are, or the proper questions to ask in order to get things fixed. Moreover, you may not know what server type you need. Having a dedicated person for all your server needs at the beginning will be your best bet. They will assist you in picking out a dedicated server that will meet or exceed your needs. Then, once you are underway, they will be there for all of your questions and to be your knowledgeable go-to man to get things done correctly.

Remember that anything that can go wrong often will go wrong

No matter how much you plan, things will go wrong. They will go wrong when you least expect them to. Taking in reviews of live cam sites will give you an idea of just what can go wrong. They will also give you a bigger picture, as most cam sites do not have downtime. You heard that right. They do not have downtime. They are experts in the field, and they have everything they need at their beck and call in case anything goes awry. With this, they also have the best software available, the highest quality servers, and staff who know what they are doing. If you do not have these things, you are well on your way to having loads of downtime when you first start your venture. Remember that any downtime is a cut of your profits, and makes your site less than trustworthy. Trust is something your customers will demand, and if that trust is broken, they will go elsewhere, and they will tell everyone they know, and some they do not, that your site is not worth their time.

Video software and high-resolution cameras are needed for your videos

Technology for adult websites doesn’t end with the programs and software online. You also need video feeds, high-res cameras and video recorders, and ways to get these online so that your customers have access to them. High-res cameras and recorders are your most important. Customers are going to pass your adult site up quickly if your videos and images are grainy and the colors are bland. They want detail, good lighting, and quality zoom so that they can get the full effect of the bodies you are flaunting.

Technology is expensive

“Everything worth having is expensive”

“Everything worth having is expensive”

The biggest hurdle to running any website, much less an adult website is how expensive technology is. Reviews of live cam sites can give you the names and links to sites that may compare to what you want, so that will give you a base idea on what to research. However, when you go to start setting up, realize that your wallet is going to thin down fast. You have to pay for a unique domain name, server, software, hardware, and then you will still have to have money to pay your staff for their time and expertise. This isn’t a venture that will be cheap to set up and reap great rewards. It takes time, effort, and most of all, money. However, if you do it right, all your hard earned cash will be returned to you quickly, and you will be reaping profits for years.

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“Make her like you instantly with the right message”

What is the problem that most men would face when they are looking for dates online? They don’t know what to say. As with actual dates, men often fumble for the right things to say. The web world simply added another arena for these guys.
Online dating personals became viral when dating websites such as, OkCupid, PerfectMatch, Love and came in. People who are looking for a partner left the social networking site such as Facebook and became loyal members of these sites. Eventually, as more and more men sign up for the online dating they don’t necessarily have a guide to online personals so they usually find their way the hard way.
As what Amanda Gardner, a famous psychologist, said, “Communicating via email or instant message before meeting in person doesn’t always cure this problem. Some online communication is a good thing, the researchers say, but too much of it can skew expectations and ultimately sabotage a match. People tend to read too much into emails and other online conversations, which increases the potential for misunderstandings and disappointment, they point out”. Talkative women online would most likely be silent face-to-face while silent men online would turn out to be the talkative one. This may ruin or develop more the relationship between them. To lessen these expectation blunders, one should always start right when approaching a girl in an online dating site.
It is normal for a guy to be speechless most especially if he’s a first timer. They need to learn about the online personals tactics. One can read more about these tactics here The online personals strategy could help people immensely, because if the guy is a first timer, words would be messing up his head just to look for a better answer for questions like, “how should I make this girl interested in me? Can I just say “hi”? Or how about “hey beautiful”? Well, “Hi” is good but it’s too short while “Hi beautiful” would most likely creep her out. Here are other important reminders:

Think First before Typing that First Message


“Think what you want to say, before you say it”

It’s important to think first what to say. There’s no rush in online dating; it takes time for you to like each other. You have to know what would interest her. Make your message simple. Do not use words that can freak her out (ex. Beautiful, sexy) because it may traumatize her to think that you’re a maniac and not chat with you ever again. Be decent at all times. Usually the greetings like “Hi Lucy” would be okay for most online dating personals. You have to sound friendly and approachable to a woman. You may also say “Hi, how are you?” so that she won’t be passive in her response.
Most guys are too lazy to compose a message to the girls they date online. They would simply type “hi, how are you, want to meet me?” and copy and paste it into the message box of a lot of women hoping one of them would respond back. That is a no-no because the first message usually means something for that woman you date. Let her think that you struck her differently. Give her an incentive to want to get to know you as well. Show her your gentleman side.

Chatty is Another No-No


“Polish your listening skills more than you chatting skills”

It’s a turn off for a woman to chat with a guy who talks a lot. Let her do the talking. A woman usually loves to talk more about her story than yours. All you need to do is simply listen to her and appreciate what she says. Compose a two-sentence message, the first would be answering a question and the second can be your idea or something you wanted her to know about related to her message.
There are also women in these online dating personals who love to let the guy do the talking. This helps her know more about the guy she’s dating. For her, exchanging of ideas is better that a one-sided conversation where only a girl does the talking. If the woman you are dating is like this, then it won’t be a problem for a guy like you who likes to share a lot about his life’s story.

Save the Sex Talk for Later

Sexual talk is a major DON’T in online dating. Many women think that guys online is always into having sex with them. Based on, 10% of men who registered in online dating sites are intentionally looking for a sex partner. There are a lot more things to say or ask them to talk about sex topics. Some women would chicken out when guys start to talk about it. Though talking about sex is normal still you should always remember that you haven’t met yet. And if that is your goal, to meet her, make a good impression of you and stop talking about sex…. Even if sometimes you think you can’t help but think about it all the time.
Sex talk may offend the woman and can make her think that you don’t need a perfect match. She would think you want someone to bang and that’s not good. Respect her as a woman and make her as comfortable talking with you as possible. As what I’ve said, there is no rush in online dating. Take time to know her more and wait for the right time for you to meet up with her.

Brush up on Your Communication Skills

Be aware of your grammar. Generally, not all men a woman would encounter online is a good speaker. In fact, she could even expect a messed up sentence most especially if she is communicating with a foreigner who doesn’t have English as his first language. However, if you know the basics in composing a good sentence, then apply it when you chat with a woman online. Usually, a woman would become more interested with a man who talks/writes very well. You don’t have to use pretentious or pretentious words to catch your attention. Instead, keep your sentence simple and understandable.
It discourages a woman to communicate with a man who can’t say things clearly. Most of them would think twice and maybe log out of that website. Understanding is very important in communication. If you think you’re not that good with communicating yet, then go and improve your communication skills to make that woman fall in love with you.

Keep it Real


“Keep the things real and be true to yourself”

Talking online serves as your way of knowing the life of the person you are communicating with. Always remember to keep it real and be true to yourself. You don’t have to lie about who really are just to impress her. Don’t tell her you have a limo or a mansion because she’ll really look forward to ride on it and stay there at night. Tell her the real you, your real life story. The truth is, even if you actually have a limo or a six digit paying job, you’d still want her to love or like you as you, and not blinded by all your bling.
Telling the truth is one way of trusting her to understand your situation. Because with trust, you will also build a good relationship with each other.

Do Not Disappoint or Offend Her


“Don’t fall less of her expectations”

If you promise to chat with her again at midnight, don’t miss it. Keep your promise and don’t let her wait for too long. For a woman, time is precious. She’ll probably be disappointed if you make her wait for more than 15 minutes. But if there are things very important for you to do that can make you late, explain it to her and make her smile so that she’ll forget all about it and start talking with you again. Also, never offend a woman by saying words she cannot handle. It is important for you to be very careful about what you say, especially when you are on your first days of contact.

Your first message and first days of contact are very crucial. Keep it simple and interesting. Always remember thinking, Respect, Understand and Be True to yourself. Hope this guide was helpful in crafting your message. Good luck!

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“Avoid making mistakes in your online training products”

Creating online training products can be an exciting and rewarding career path. Whether you choose to make online training products your primary business or want to use it as a supplement to an established information product platform, you can benefit from understanding the most common mistakes. Ironically, it’s these simple mistakes that most often occur, and they are the ones that can have a tremendous impact on your reputation. To be effective in your online training product creation, you must watch out for these

Forgetting to Check for Plagiarism

Most information product developers do not write their own information. Typically, they hire ghostwriters or content writing teams to develop the written content for the course work. When this happens, the biggest mistake is that they forget to check for plagiarism.

Plagiarism is significantly more complex topic than it appeared to be in high school or college. Nowadays, content can appear to be plagiarized even when the writer may not have done so intentionally. Part of this comes from the increased standards that Google and other search engines place on original content. When content is seen to have too many similarities to other content, it’s ranked as duplicate content, and both sites hosting the content are penalized. Because of the wide variety of information already published on the Internet, it can be difficult for writers to write about general information or to quote specific statistics without running into plagiarism issues. To make sure that the article is original, run it through plagiarism checkers such as CopyScape.

Forgetting to Line Edit


“Don’t forget to edit your work”

Before finalizing online training product creation, you must take the time to line edit. Line editing is distinct from content editing. In a constant edit, you go through the course as a whole, looking to see whether the content meshes in whether everything that needed to be covered is covered. You may discover some of the grammatical issues that need to be corrected, but the focus is generally not on grammar.
Line editing focuses exclusively on grammar and typographical errors. If you don’t have the patience or the skill to line edit through your course work, then hire someone to do it for you. Few things can make a product look shoddy than typographical and grammatical errors. Your students will assume that this lack of precision extends also to the research and the recommendations that you make. Creating online training products can be quite rewarding, but it’s only rewarding when the students actually benefit from the course. A good line editor can charge anywhere from a dollar a page to $10 a page and up. It all depends on the quality of the editor, the link to the content, the complexity of the content, and a number of other factors.

Forgetting to Stay Up to Date on Trends in the Target Market

To be successful you must remain up-to-date on trends in your target market as you continue creating online training products. The developing trends can reveal powerful insights that you may want to incorporate into your current courses so that you can make them more relevant. For instance, most of the top search engine optimization classes regularly update based on the latest trends and predictions relating to the Google search engine algorithms and the Panda and Penguin updates.

Forgetting to Build Hype


“Creating a buzz in the market is vital for your online training products”

Sometimes, content and information product developers can get so involved in the online training product creation that they assume their market will be just as enthusiastic as they are about the product. You can’t make this assumption though. To increase the success of your online training products, you must build up height and excitement relating to your newest release. You can do this through a number of methods including social media contests, giveaways, promotional events, and more. Providing little teasers, sharing snippets of information, and similar tactics can all be used to increase the overall excitement. For example, you can include a free preview of your training course, such as including an Open Siminar Preview Of Your Online Training Product (For Free!). This is a great way for creating online training products, online training product creation and their hype in the market. Another tool that can easily be incorporated almost any hype building campaign is the countdown calendar. Make the online training course release an event.

Forgetting to Differentiate

Every day, the Internet expands more. According to Triple Curve, anywhere between 500,000 and 2,000,000 blog and web posts are created every single day. Most of this content is worthless, and it makes it harder for the quality content to stand out sometimes. You have to find ways to differentiate the content in your courses from all your competitors.
Look for all the things that separate your content and coursework from the others. List these out. It may help to look at the benefits that your competitors’ products promise to provide. Try to make yours better than those, or take it in a completely different direction and focus on a different problem. Just make sure that the differentiation is clear to customers from the beginning. That differentiation will help you stand out from your competitors, and it can also help you reach a more specific portion of your target market.
Avoid going into direct competition with another established site or learning program if you can help it. If you can’t, make sure that you have as much high quality content as possible before you go life. The Book Marketer recommends waiting to invest heavily in marketing techniques for online learning courses and eBooks until you have between three and four already established. This way you have multiple products to promote, and customers will be more likely to come check out the information on multiple products been on a single new product.

Forgetting to Communicate Effectively


“Understand the importance of communication”

In many ways, online learning methods are fairly new. For quite some time, most of the online learning courses were controlled by universities and colleges. This established some of the current standards of expected behavior. While it isn’t always the case, most of the time students on online courses expect to have some regular interaction with the instructor unless it’s explicitly stated otherwise. A number of instructors assume that they are going to set the tone and decide whether there will be any contact or not. The mistake that they make is assuming that failure to contact or respond to the students will be construed as a non-contact course. Unfortunately, most students will see instructor who does not respond to their questions or assignments as a lazy and inept instructor. These students will typically leave frustrated, and they may tell their friends and family members to stay away from those courses.
Instead of risking this kind of frustration and dissatisfaction, spell out the communication standards from the beginning. In most cases, online learning courses that include student-teacher interaction cost more than independent courses. State either in the title or in the class description what the communication method will be.
If you decide to host an online class that includes student-teacher interaction, you can easily charge significantly more for that class. Just to make sure that the communication standards and protocols are still spelled out clearly. Your standard of timely communication will probably differ from the student’s definition. It’s especially important that you let the students know if you will only be able to take messages at certain times or if you will be unavailable for an extended period. Otherwise, you risk the same kinds of misunderstandings and frustrations.

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“Online dating do’s and don’ts”

Mutual respect and shared ideas form the basis for all relationships. Bachelors and bachelorettes tend to look for some bonding with people they meet. Failing this, they turn to the Internet and take up chasing people. Finding legit adult dating sites is the aim of many of these people.

a) Set realistic limits, avoid high expectations

Casual sex is a relationship that is more fragile than others. It is like a leaky boat. While some couples are able to travel some distance, others will not make it past one or two meetings.
To look for the ultimate peace and happiness out of one night stands to wish manna to drop out of heaven; though it may happen it is highly improbable.

b) Do not be stuck on one site alone, change partners often


“Have a different flavor every week”

Online dating need not be successful but it might work. Many people have had their share of luck too, but it more like winning a lottery ticket than anything else.

c) Avoid long drawn conversations get a commitment first

Keep your relationships with the strangers you meet at the site strictly platonic until you are sure that there is commitment. If the commitment is only half hearted or seems to have false premises, break off the relationship immediately.
Be quick and to the point. If there is an answer, meet up for a coffee at a place near your house or her house.
Of course, everyone needs a hobby. If you pursue a hobby too closely, you might lose your peace of mind. The internet provides the means to find friends easily. You do not have to meet at all to be friends. However, for those who seek intimacy, there are the dating sites.
Many people are willing to accept all dating sites as legit dating sites. There are good sites and then there are some, which are non-existent. The legit dating sites are hard to come by, but it is possible to do so (examples are:,,,, and Sex-Dating, and E-harmony only charge nominal amounts for memberships).

d) Do not pay anything until you have definite commitment

Spending time on the Internet is all right; throwing money away is foolishness.
Do not spend any money unless you are definite that there is some benefit.
It is advisable to use a money card that one can purchase from Wal-Mart for $20 to pay. Avoid paying with your credit card.

e) One never knows which is the legit dating site


“Choose only the legit dating sites”

Here are some sites that some of the surfers like. Some of them even take money but provide the service.
Choosing the one that is nearest to your house or locality is the point of logic for most people.
Today the Internet has thousands of dating sites all over the world.
All legit dating sites will have repute, and will have good customer reviews.
All sites want to make money they are interested in your welfare only next.
Get the advice of friends or read up the reviews from other surfers on the Internet. The web surfers do not like these sites either because they demand money or because they are non-existent (Amateur Match, CONNXXXTIONS, Adult Friend finder).
It is important to avoid common mistakes, especially at legit adult dating sites. You will spend more time correcting your profile, correcting the pick-up lines and apologizing for picking the wrong time or the wrong place than actually dating. Remember to have loads of fun.

f) Avoid personal commitment over the Internet

Keep the conversation on an impersonal level until you are sure of the person. Do not relate incidents in which the other person is not interested.
Making commitments to total strangers is dangerous; it may lead to some health problems too.
There are sites that use your personal information, photos and details for promoting their sites or for personal gain. Conversing on these sites is like talking to muggers in a dark alley; you are at the receiving end. If you talk too much, for too long, you will end up losing a lot. You should choose the top sex dating sites based on their reviews. The adult dating website reviews are a good resource for finding out the best sex online dating sites.

g) Do not get discouraged too quickly and do not get nervous. Prepare your on-site profile thoughtfully.


“Prepare an attractive dating profile”

Take care when you are preparing your profile. Do not say too much but keep the information exciting.
Remember you are only on a date, you are not doing anything earth shattering.
Be sure to detail your interests, mention your hobbies worth mentioning.
Keep the pictures interesting too, if they are too blurred or out of context, the viewers will not find it interesting. You will get only nerds calling you up.
Keep the profile as much closer to reality as it should be.
Spend some time going through the partner’s profile. Choose the one that closely resembles yours. When you are having fun, the person who resembles you will be an ideal fit.

h) Be firm in your commitment, speak clearly at the meeting

Choose the time and place to meet and be decisive. Keep an alternative ready in case either of you is not able to make it.
Do not mention other partners or say that you are having a date after a long time.
If there is questions from the other end answer them, this could bring more equality in the relationship.
Failure of relationships happens due to two things. One is that you are going too fast. The other is that you are not serious about the whole thing. If you have found a legit online dating site, you need to spend some time developing your contacts and your content. Being frivolous, not paying enough care to your profile or photographs could lead to a bad image for you at the site. Similarly, when you are conversing with someone from the site, you have to follow some rules.

i) Avoid commonly used phrases, they sound too trite when messaging.


“Use unique phrases in your conversation”

Avoid commonly used lines such as “I am looking for a great time” or “You are the Cinderella of my life”. These are thoughts that are mutual and only people who have nothing else to say will be there saying it.
Take care when you message a date. Avoid grammar mistakes, check for spelling and include one or two personal lines from the profile of the person.
Lastly, even if it is a legit adult dating site with lots of activity for you, there is time when you have to move on. This may happen when you have reached some milestone in life like buying a new house or getting a promotion. When you begin to develop some new interest you should not hesitate to leave it all behind.

j) Know when to quit, do not carry on a meaningless relationship. Keep track of all activity related to your involvement with the site.

If there are many people involved, try to monitor each of the people.
If you have committed to some monthly plan check that the amount you are paying is correct.
When you lose interest, terminate the membership immediately.

Go ahead and enjoy yourself. Take time to prepare well and find the best people at the best legit adult dating sites. It is your time and your life.

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“Severe emotional damage is caused to the dating scams victims”

The need to be loved and wanted and the desire to enjoy someone’s company are just two of the many reasons people risk to try online dating. There are of course, several more underlying causes why someone would find a date or a partner online. A common one is the lack of confidence to put oneself out there in the dating world. However, the means of meeting someone online and eventually opening oneself to the possibility of a relationship have grown to give an opportunity for people to scam others. These dating scams have put pain and shame to those who venture into it. The effects and consequences have become psychological. This is what this article is all about.

The Main Elements of Online Dating Scams

There was already a study done by Professor Monica Whitty from the University of Leicester about online dating scams, which was supported by SOCA or the Serious Organized Crime Agency. The research was able to find out the workings of how the scam starts and develops. It usually starts with a fake identity, fake photographs and establishing a fake romantic relationship. All of these happen on social media sites, online dating sites and instant messaging. What normally happens in this situation is that once the romantic relationship is established, the victim becomes susceptible to fraud. The scammers would build up the relationship through the use of basic marketing techniques, to a point where trust is already earned and then suddenly asks for money due to an urgent need.

The Double Trauma Effect of the Victims of Online Dating Scams


“The trauma of losing your money and a broken heart is hard to bear”

The fact that the victim has already lost money and has to deal with fixing a broken heart and a broken ego is already enough to conclude that all victims of dating scams experience double trauma. The financial loss and the psychological effects the victims experience are both main causes of the trauma. In the same study, it has been identified that though anyone can be a victim of scams in online dating, people who are more idealistic when it comes to relationships are more likely going to become victims.

The Psychological Effects That Victims Experience and Have To Live With

When people get scammed for money, acceptance may be easier. Money can be earned, and for as long as you are healthy both in mind and body, it’s always possible to cope and get back what you have lost. However, when you get scammed, not only because of money but also because you have been deceived, then that’s the deal breaker. Because there is an emotional investment involved, it becomes more traumatic. What a victim normally thinks is that he or she has found someone to love and whom he or she can get love in return. It becomes a heartbreaking experience in the end. Most victims actually feel that they are in a loving relationship.
Normally the victims would initially experience anger for being cheated on and for trusting, when in the back of their minds they may actually have known better. When the anger has subsided, this gets replaced with grief from losing someone they thought was the right one for them. The worst thing is that the victims would normally feel shameful and put the blame to them. Unfortunately, though recovery is possible, the victim would already have trust issues. They would lose confidence in themselves and the confidence that they can still make good decisions. There are also others who would just take a step back from everything and stop living their lives like they should.

The Common Reactions of the Victims’ Families and Friends


“Friends & family say the same thing – I told you so”

Supposedly, one would run to his or her friends and families for comfort when it comes to unfortunate situations like being a victim of online dating scams. There are those who understand enough that there are always mistakes that cannot be avoided no matter how much we try. However, online dating would entail someone to risk opening up himself or herself up to people they do not know.
Once a victim’s family finds out that a family member has been scammed for money because of online dating, it is normal for parents or adult children have a reaction that may sound displeasing to the ears of the victim. More likely, when parents know something like this happens to their adult children, they would give them the usual “I told you so” arguments and putting blame for their kids’ wrong and unintelligent decisions. It is very hard to deal with a situation like this for a family. They must guide their adult children to spot online dating scams. They can tell their children to read site reviews before investing their time in it. For instance, one can read match dating site review, which is mentioned here: After reading the review, one can easily figure out whether is a scam site or not. But, the truth remains the same, kids need to understand the importance of reading online reviews. If it’s the other way around, the kids will normally feel depressed about their parents freely giving out their money to people they do not know.
Friends and acquaintances also have the tendency to pass judgment when they find out that something like this happens to someone they know. This basically means that if the victim feels that he or she cannot elicit understanding of the people he or she thinks love her. What the victim has to deal with along with the other emotional and psychological effects that he or she has to deal with and to live with have all exacerbated because of the lack of support from family and friends. More likely, the victim also has to deal with more broken relationships with friends and family who opt to judge rather than give support.

The Kind of Support that a Victim of Online Dating Scams Should Get


“The victims of online dating scams need solid support”

There are different ways that a victim of dating scams can recover to get on with their lives and move on from such bad experience. One way is for the victim to come out and really cry foul. It is important that despite the negative emotional toll this has brought to the victim, he or she should come out and seek help. The first thing to do is to tell someone that you can trust, or to go directly to a professional like a counselor, or a psychologist. This scam is already considered a serious crime so it is only right to go the authorities and report it.
The family and friends of the victim should also be the ones who should reach out, and as much as possible, find ways to establish better connections with the victim. They should let the person feel that he or she is not to be blamed and that for as long as he or she gets the proper and loving support that is needed for recovery. If the victim is not ready to do face-to-face sessions, it would also be helpful to document his or her feelings when one gets reminded of the experience.
Moreover, the victim should get involved in certain activities to help him or her get through this particular dilemma. Betrayal is a hard thing to get over with, but one is busy with worthwhile activities, acceptance and forgetting are not difficult to achieve. Once relationships are established again, like when the family members give their all-out support sans the judgment, and the victim goes out again and establish professional relationships with other people, things will certainly get better. Living with the aftermath of a dating scam will be difficult. Coping mechanisms will be different for each individual who has unfortunately experience it, but with the right support, it is possible to live again.

Online dating scams can happen to anyone. It would never be good to put blame on the victims. These people opened themselves to others because of their desire to find someone they can live with for the rest of their lives. There are certain ways to verify whatever information that you receive online. It is okay to trust, but in these times, it is always better to think twice.

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“Yes, you can find a hot chick like her online”

There are so many dating sites out there that it’s hard to pick one to start out with. Once you do, they often require that you pay up to use the site fully. That’s the end of it right? Nope. There are so many lonely people out there that sites pop up all the time. Sites those aren’t always so legit. Here are five legit sites that will let you hook up with hot girls in your area and not steal your identity.


“Plenty of women out there for you to hook-up online”

This is one of the newer hookup sites online. This has a 100% free site that allows you to join up and look at other people’s profiles. They also have forums for simply chatting up that ‘special lady’ or finding someone who is ‘chocolate’ for your personal tastes. As with most dating sites, they have the basic ‘about me’ section, but also offer a place for your personal blog. The idea behind this is that it gets more personal than a simple questionnaire and will assist in finding your perfect person. If you’re looking at other people’s blogs, it also gives you a deeper insight to who they are. Don’t think I’m getting cheesy here. What I mean by this is that you can tell whether they’re completely crazy or not before you even decide to start hitting on them. Once you’ve written your blog, you can search for babes to start chatting with. DateHookup has both a basic and advanced search engine that lets you put in exactly what you’re looking for and where it is. No worrying about if your hot girl is far away or if you want to keep it long distance then you totally have the option to (if she’s your side dish or something). Ping, she’s answered your message. Conversation is smooth and you’re thinking of taking her out. But where? Don’t even sweat it. Other members have made a huge list of date ideas for people meeting on the site so you don’t have to.


“You can find a genuine girl like her”

This is a website that offers dating, friendship, and social networking for 1.3 million straight and gay people. There are member created quizzes and multiple choice questions to fill out when joining. You can instant message or email other people to get to know them. OkCupid has been listed in Time magazine’s top 10 dating sites, so you know that it’s legit. A-list members don’t have to waste so much time on ads or on people that don’t attract them by getting more filter options when searching for matches. They also get to hide their profile, sort of making them like dating-ninjas. Depending on the rating that people give other people, there are more and less attractive users. If you are one of them, they bump you up to other hot matches. Needless to say, there is a lot of user rating and interaction involved in matching people up…but it also depends on if you pay. Premium members get more benefits and a higher return for their investment. Okcupid is very mathematically engineered and are confident in what they do as long as the user is honest about them and what they are looking for. While they don’t promise a perfect match, they do promise to get as close as they can with the system that they’ve come up with.

Everyone has heard of It’s extremely well known and has a good reputation among users. This lends to their legit score. operates in 25 countries and in more than 8 languages. Depending on what is put in the search bar, the results could be widespread. Originally the site was created based on models and business tactics and other boring things like that. Their business model is that they will find a match for their users, guaranteed. Once you’ve registered, they make you take a reasonably entertaining, albeit slightly cheesy, test to get what kind of person you are and what you’re looking for. Setting up your profile means that you can add up to 26 pictures and fill out free writing sections tailored for you. This is the only way that they can really get to know you, no outside stalking here. Once you view the potential matches near you, communication is set up through an anonymous email network. It sounds weird, but protects your privacy from any weirdo’s creeping around. Each person has to choose to share their info with the other. employs people to personally screen every single profile to make sure that it’s not indecent or lewd as well, so be careful what you post. This, as you might be able to tell, is a more die hard site. The people signing up for are really going for a more committed relationship and often succeed at finding it.


“Enjoy a good chemistry with a girl on this site”

This is technically just a more specific version of It is premium, meaning that you do have to pay to use it. But if you’re looking to really get to know someone before you actually ever meet them, it’s the way to go. They do a lot of the work for you; sending daily matches who might interest you, offering activities that actually let you flirt through them instead of regular chatting, and give you some ideas on what you might actually be looking for based off of what you told them in ‘the test’. Once you do start rating people they actually build on that and tweak your matches even more. Only other members who have paid for the premium site can view your matches or talk to you, so it’s more exclusive than a regular dating site.

“Find a compatible partner here”

Created way back in 2000 by a clinical psychologist who counseled thousands of couples, eHarmony is another one of those popular sites that really believe in a system that they’ve worked out. Before it was even created, the doctor (Neil Clark Warren) tested his theory on compatibility and the different characteristics that determined it for three years. Warren then created the Compatibility Matching System using 29 dimensions to hook people up. They now brag that they are the “#1 Trusted Relationship Services Provider in the USA” but they can also back it up. According to their website 438 eHarmony members get married because they joined the site. How crazy is that? They do lots of studying and science experiments to make sure that they keep up with these match-making numbers. This isn’t a site for just a hook up, though. The ladies joining this site are specifically going for long-term relationships that will most likely end in marriage. If you aren’t sure how to go into that sort of thing, the website also offers dating advice for members and non-members alike.

Any of these sites will point you in the right direction as far as what you’re looking for. But an important thing to remember is that you have to be brutally honest in what you want to make it work. It’s important that you need to know which sites are good. Visit and you’ll get to find out about free personals sites. They all have different methods of matching you up that have been proven and written about by big wigs across the nation. So if you’re done trying to figure out the dating thing on your own, give one of these legit dating sites a shot.

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If you have finally had a fling online that results in a hot lady on your arm, then you should probably be thinking ahead on how to keep her there! One of the best ways to do that is to go on a fantastic vacation that’s fun for both of you and really wows her. Beaches and beach resorts in general, are one of the most popular summer destinations, and winter ones, too, if you’re looking to get away from the chill and cold! There are so many options available for vacation-goers that there is definitely something on this list that’s either affordable, or definitely worth the cash.

Bandon, Oregon


“Amazing sunset at Bandon, Oregon beach”

If you’re on the West Coast, this is really a destination you and your girl will have to check out. There are amazing rock formations that you can look at the sunset over and have some unforgettable photographs. Plus, there are restaurants just next door that you and her will definitely have to check out on your trip there. There’s a little something for everyone at this place, including a safari game park that the two of you can play tourist at, and if she wants to go to a spa during the day, you can plop your butt down in a golf cart at the Brandon Dunes Golf Resort (or heck, it might be vice versa, some guys like getting a pedicure).

Fun fact: there’s a lot of Native American culture here, and there are some unusual rock formations, like the Face Rock, which apparently is the face of a princess that was drowned at sea by an evil spirit. Just don’t let your princess end up that way.

Venice Beach, California


“Go surfing at Venice beach”

Another West Coast gem, you won’t have to worry about having just an online fling if you take your girl to a place like this. Venice Beach is a hotspot during the summer, especially for those that enjoy being tourists. There’s a 2 and a half mile boardwalk that is full to the brim with masseurs, hair braiders, all kinds of fortune tellers, and a ton of exotic food that you and girl can spend hours exploring and enjoying. Something else you and your girl might enjoy if you’re of the more active sect is that there are beachfront basketball courts, though competition for those is stiff and you’ll have to get out early in the day if you want to use them!

Punalu’u, Hawaii


“Enjoy the never seen Black sand beach at Hawaii”

This can be a real treat if you and your girl appreciate a beach that isn’t the norm. This isn’t the typical white sands and crystal aqua waves that many associate with Hawaii. Instead, it’s black basalt sand and a heck of a lot of wildlife! The real fun to this beach is the trek through a heavily wooded trail that takes a good 20 minutes, because this is a pretty remote and underdeveloped beach–not something you really see on Hawaii nowadays.

You will see a lot of wildlife here, including green turtles, hawksbill turtles, dolphins, and even whale sharks, especially if you decide to go snorkeling!

Panama City Beach, Florida


“Relax at Panama City beach”

The spring break capital of the world for a reason! If you’re having a fling with a hot chick you met online, this is the place to take her and have no one ask a single question. Just be sure that she’s okay with the crowds and crowds of teenagers that will undoubtedly by here–and by crowds, you’re talking around 6 million college kids all up in every inch of you grill. Have fun with that!

Okay, but that aside, you can’t beat the gorgeous emerald green waters, reefs, fishing, and drinks. There are a lot of drinks. You and your lady can have a blast here if you’re prepared to deal with a bunch of kids milling around at the same time! Also, there are a lot of fun things you and she can do–mini golf, anyone? Goofy Golf has been instituted in the area since 1959, and it’s a sort of dorky, relaxing, retro plan for the evening if you need one.

Tulum, Mexico


“Get romantic at this beautiful beach”

Time to get out of the states! This is a fascinating beach to go with your lady because you’re not just swimming in the ocean here–you’re swimming in the actual shadow of ancient Mayan ruins. If she’s a history geek (or heck, if you are) this will be a real treat. The whole area is underneath a cliff that has an ancient Mayan ruin sitting on a cliff, and beneath that, there’s nothing but sparkling, turquoise waters for you to enjoy.

Just having your fling stay online is nothing compared to this beauty. There are amazing diving opportunities for tourists like you and your girl, and there are a ton of resorts and boutiques that are just asking for you to go and visit.

Cagayan Valley, Philippines

This particular beach requires a real nature lover in both of you. There’s a hard trek to even just get to this beach! You’ll be fighting through a mangrove forest, thorny groves, and a lot of muddy ground to find this place, but when you do, it’s worth it. The raw beauty, with the gorgeous, crystal-clear blue-green waters, volcanic rocks, and amazing coral gardens just underneath the surface is a visual treat.

Again: this isn’t for the faint of heart. You and your girl need to definitely be veterans of the outdoors, not only just to get to this beach, but during your stay here! There aren’t hotels in the area, so camping beneath the stars or a home-stay are your two options. Turn up the romantic dial and go for the stars and camping on the beach is probably the better option.

Cabbage Beach, Bahamas


“Rent a Jet Ski and drive over the clear blue waters”

The name is a little weird, but let’s not judge on that alone. This beach has the flawless, classic beach aesthetic that your girl will love and gush over immediately. White stand, crystal-clear blue waters, and once you step away from the main strip of tourists; there are plenty of beaches to enjoy all by yourselves.

Just a fair warning: there’s a strong current off this beach, so maybe you should just rent a jet ski for the day instead of going swimming. There are a ton of advantages to that, anyway; who doesn’t want their gorgeous girlfriend’s arms around them while you drive that Jet Ski around through the flawless ocean?

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

We’re far away from home now, and loving it. This beach won the most eco-friendly beach award in 2010 and has more than 2 and a half miles of sand that is nothing but pure silica. That means it’s squeaky clean in a really shocking way! Just keep in mind that visitors have to register with a tour guide and you do have limited access to this beach. Oh, and watch out for jellyfish!

Overall, there are a ton of beaches that you and your lady can really rock out during the summer. Pick and choose wisely depending on what the both of you really enjoy, and you will find the perfect place to laze about or explore! If you are new to this fling game, then you must refer to our guide for beginners here – First Time Affair: Where to go Online to Start a Fling. With our guide you will get to have a quick fling online and be a pro in no time.

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“Know if you are really ready to take the next step”

If you’re someone who just left a relationship or is a recovering relationship addict, it’s time to give yourself a break from the unhealthy cycle of going from one relationship to another. Staying single is often easier said than done but as experts point out, it is a rewarding choice that will prepare you for the relationship of your dreams.
Being used to always having someone around can mask the deep fear of being alone. Taking the first step to freedom entails that you start by being committed to yourself.

Breaking the chains


“Don’t rush into a relationship”

To stop the cycle from continuing, do not dwell in getting into a relationship. Start instead by becoming committed to yourself. Be delighted with the idea of discovering who you are without having to please someone else. It is even suggested that you should wean yourself of dating for a while. This will stop you from going into old habits. If possible seek the help of friends who understand your goal of self-discovery.
During this time, live only for yourself. Get into something new. Take up a new activity or rekindle an old and forgotten interest. Reconnect with friends and enjoy yourself. This will help you discover your interests; what it is that you want; and who you are and what you don’t like. Allow yourself to discover new strengths, become aware of the pattern that has led you to behave in an unhealthy manner. Recognize that these behaviors no longer serve you. Begin to try out new patterns that make you a strong, confident, and self-sufficient person. Once you have established what these unhealthy behaviors are, you can root them out one by one.

Only after you have established your boundaries can you start dating casually again. Avoid jumping in with both feet. Date more than one person. By casually dating more than one, you can pace yourself by spreading your attention. This will prevent you from getting over invested in any one person. You can check this new list by here: This dating service website reviews can help you choose the right site and right girl to date. You may want to keep dating until it’s comfortable and you aren’t running into a relationship just so you can get away from the insecurities of dating.

How to tell if you’re ready


“You just know it when you are ready for a relationship”

1. You won’t settle for second best. – Deep in your heart you know that you’re no longer willing to become someone else’s go to girl just in case the main squeeze couldn’t make it. You understand that you deserve a relationship and no one has the right to treat you like their doormat.

2. You’re not waiting for someone else to save you. – If you’re looking for someone to provide solutions to your insecurity or someone to take care of you, it might be wise to get to the root of this issue. If you don’t, you might attract a partner with a savior complex or someone with the same issues. You might not want to discover how “misery loves company” first hand.

3. You’re ok being single. – You’re not worried that you don’t have a partner and you can honestly say you’re ok without a relationship in a positive fulfilled way. This kind of confidence stems from your unshaken confidence in your identity and that you are special and do not need someone to exist.

4. You’re happy being yourself. – If you’re trying to fit someone else’s definition of perfection you’re trying to be someone you’re not. This is a major red flag that cannot be ignored. If you find that you’re often trying to change something about yourself thinking that it will make you more attractive to the guy you just met, it means that you lack self-esteem and confidence. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, accept that you need to do some work on finding and loving the real you before you can love someone else.

5. You want to be in a relationship. – Be clear about your reasons why you want to be in a relationship. Are you jealous that your best friend has found a new boyfriend? Were you recently dumped and you want to get even? Do you need a relationship to prove something? If you’re having issues like these, it might not yet be ripe for you to get into a relationship. Your wanting to be in a relationship should stem out from an authentic desire to connect. It is not about looking for a trophy relationship.


“You can woo a girl with your communication skills”

6. You have developed great communication skills. – Learning how to communicate is vital in a relationship. It is the foundation for building other aspects like honesty and trust. If you find it difficult to communicate in a civil way without getting violent, it suggests that you may not be ready to relate with someone most especially a potential mate. Learning to express feelings, especially negative ones, in a socially acceptable manner is important if you want to find fulfillment and satisfaction. It will also help you stay out of trouble.

7. You’re over your last relationship. – People after break ups are normally angry with their exes and with themselves. Anger and resentment are clear signs that they are not yet ready to move forward. If you have difficulty accepting your current situation, it’s time to introduce some change. Only when you have given up the role of the victim and you can think of your ex with compassion and understanding can you truly say that you’re ready to go out and move on.

8. You’re willing to take a risk – A person truly aware of real intimacy understands the risks and uncertainty that come with falling in love. A relationship grows and evolves. Either way, the truly mature person will understand he or she can become a better mate since they are confident that they can take on the challenge of being with someone in a relationship.

9. You are confident.- If you don’t know what you want, it’s difficult to know what exactly it is that you do want. Confidence in yourself is an attractive quality that will draw many potential mates to you. When you take pride in yourself and know what you are worth, you will be able to attract someone who honors you and in a positive and healthy way.

10. You know what you like and what you don’t. – Letting a new relationship become your one and only goal can sap the life out of it. While it’s good to share yourself, it’s not advisable to lose yourself. When you have no sense of boundaries, the relationship becomes co-dependent and it ceases to be healthy. Be clear about your boundaries before getting into a relationship.

Taking the plunge

When you’re ready to take the plunge, you are also ready to take on the challenges of being one half of a successful partnership. Being able to look at oneself in a brutally honest way is the first step to finding the sweet spot between a miserable co-dependent relationship from a successful and fulfilling one.
A real relationship with all the affection and understanding, support and love that goes with it is not impossible. You may need to do some major changes in your inner person and you may have to work for it. You may not like the answer you arrive at initially but one thing’s for sure – a happy and successful relationship is worth investing and everything will be worth the wait.

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Google Glass is the latest amazing invention from Google that has made millions of people around the world curious. Combining the latest technology from desktop computers and portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, Google Glass places all these powerful features right in front of your eyes in a shape of sleek and stylish spectacle frames.

Using Google Glass is just like having a camera, touchpad, microphone, and display all in one user-friendly package that you can simply control using your voice. Also using a very interesting new technology when it comes to transferring sound, Google Glass does not come with headphones. Instead, it uses the bone-induction technology and vibrates your skull in order to create and transfer sound.

If you are curious about the most interesting features of Google Glass, here is a review of the most amazing features you can expect to see when this new device is released at the end of 2013.

10 features of Google Glass

10 features of Google Glass

Top 4 Amazing Features of Google Glass

1. Taking Photos and Recording Videos

There is no need for a viewfinder in this device, since the 5MP camera simply takes photos and high quality videos from your current vision. So whatever you see in front of you, Google Glass can easily capture it on the camera and save it into the built-in flash memory. Sharing your photos and videos on social networking sites is also easily possible using voice commands.

2. Finding Information or Maps Online

If you are used to searching in Google for many types of information – such as news, articles, maps, recipes and so on – you will enjoy the search feature of Google Glass, which allows you to look for anything you want using voice commands. No need to touch the screen or type anything. And you will see the search results using the small screen in front of you.

Also when you need to find directions or search for maps, you can also do that using the voice command. You simply need to have access to the Internet, and Google Glass will find the shortest and fastest directions to your desired destination.

3. Instant Language Translation

Now this is a neat helpful feature for when you are traveling abroad. Whether you are in China, India, Italy or Japan, you can simply tell a phrase or even a full sentence to Google Glass and ask for the translation in your chosen language. Then your device will say it out loud in that language.

4. Live Video Sharing

Google Glass comes with a live video sharing feature which allows you to share whatever you are seeing in front of you instantly with anyone. Whether you are attending a concert, watching the beautiful sunset in Hawaii, or attending a wedding, you can capture and share those special moments as a live video stream in real-time with people you care about from all over the world. Needless to say, you will need a fast Internet connection in order to send the videos in real-time.

Live video sharing

Live video sharing

Based on these interesting and mind-blowing features of Google Glass, this new invention is certainly very much anticipated by technology enthusiasts from all over the world – offering you a quicker and easier way to access things you want right in front of your eyes.

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There are a lot of reasons why you should give online dating a try. It’s convenient and you don’t really have anything to lose. If still you aren’t sure about dating online, here are 5 reasons you should believe that it is indeed a good start for anyone.

1.) There’s better matchmaking in online dating sites

A person’s matchmaking ability is usually limited by his or her eyes. You simply look at how gorgeous a person is. That’s your primary consideration when deciding whether the person is a “match” for you. With online dating sites, they’ll help you find the right person through compatibility tests and applying some science. It helps you find a person you can deal with for a long time.

2.) You get access to a lot of singles

There’s definitely a broad range of people found in these sites. There’s no limit to the people you can meet. Some of them are even found in the other side of the world; people you’ll never meet offline.

3.) You get to know a person before you meet him or her

Blind dates can sometimes be disappointing. You end up with a date that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. It can even be scary at some occasions. Through dating sites, you’ll get to know an individual better before you move forward and decide to meet him or her in person.

try online dating and

try online dating and

4.) You don’t end up in commitment dating

Whenever you date someone in person, you’ll have a hard time finding an excuse so you can end the date. By starting with online dating, you’ll get to know someone better and decide if he or she is worth meeting in person. Some of the people you meet online are meant to be your friends only. Learn to determine which ones you should date and which ones you should just treat as friends.

5.) You can still fulfil work and school obligations and date on your schedule

It’s hard to find time to have a date if you’re busy with school and work. This is not an issue with online dating. You can go online whenever you want even if you just have a few minutes to spare.

Yes, you need to date! Dating

Yes, you need to date! Dating

Dating online is truly convenient compared to offline dating. It’s also safer. You can find a lot of options and you can do it whenever you want. Online dating sites also help people who are not too confident with themselves and need assistance when it comes to dating. These sites can definitely change your life. As good as it sounds; you have to remember that not all sites are recommended. Go for two or three sites that suit your needs. Finally, make sure to watch out for scams. Some people know that they can make money from online dating, and you can be the next victim if you’re not careful.   

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Many among us are determined to lose weight, tone their body and look good. But, very few people are actually going to work sincerely to achieve what they want. We all know how difficult it is to get up in the morning, throw on some clothes and head to the gym. But, those of us who are able to do it are the cynosure of all eyes. It is not just that we can flaunt our new body. We will definitely feel good about ourselves when we are fit. Here are some tips that will help you stay motivated to hit the gym and transform yourself.

Find the spur

In order to know why you have to hit the gym, just think of the reasons why you need to get fit. Your reason might just be to fit into a pair of pants. But, whatever it is, try and make it your driving force. Think of how you will feel when everyone compliments you on losing some flab. You can even look at pictures of you when you were slimmer. The picture of your favorite celebrity can also inspire you to transform your body. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself whether you are happy with the way you look. If not, then now is the time to incorporate some change. The motivation that you need can only arise when you are truly determined to change yourself. If you have the body you want, it is for sure that you will be bursting with new found confidence and extra energy. You will be more than ready to take on new challenges because you have successfully dealt with the last one you took. So, look within yourself and find out what has the ability to spur you on.

to help you stay motivated

to help you stay motivated

Make it easy

It is believed that it takes about ten seconds to make a decision regarding actually doing something or giving up on it. So, if you are loath to exercise in the morning and have difficulty getting up, just lay out your clothes and shoes within your reach before sleeping. You can even change the time on your alarm clock and set it 10 minutes earlier so that you can give in to your habit of snoozing. If exercising is too boring, try something that interests you. It can be yoga, pilates, aerobics or dancing. Listen to inspirational songs. Music with a high tempo can lift up your moods instantly. Find a buddy. With another person accompanying you, you will be less likely to ditch your class and sleep in.

Make yourself accountable

Making yourself accountable to someone or something will help you stay on track. Talk to a friend or family member. Tell them about how you plan to become fitter. Ask them for help and advice. They will definitely help you stick to your resolution. You can even post your plan on social networking sites. The fear of being ridiculed can act as a powerful motivating factor.

The formula for weight loss

The formula for weight loss

The key to getting fitter is to be determined. If you have decided to start an exercise regimen, stick to it no matter what. Do not look for excuses and do not let doubts and fears restrict you. Even if it is difficult, stick to the schedule and you will definitely see results. Visualize the outcome and let it spur you on into places that you thought were impossible.

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There are a lot of people who go for renting cars while there are those who by their own cars. It has been a long debate among car enthusiasts which of the two are cost-efficient. If you are having a hard time choosing, here are the pros and cons of renting and buying a car.

Pros of Buying a Car

When you buy a car, you have a vehicle that you can use anytime. Depending on the condition of the car, you don’t have to deal with mechanical problems. This is most especially true if you were able to purchase a brand new car. Once you also purchase your own car, no longer have to worry about rents and there is no limitation on what time you can use your car and where you will bring it.

Cons of Buying a Car

When you buy a car, you have to consider other expenses that you have to deal with. The biggest expense that you have to spend would be on gasoline. On top of that, you have to take care of other expenses such as maintenance. You have to change the vehicle oil, change the tires and make sure that the main engine is well maintained. On top of that you have to pay for monthly payment dues and the insurance.

There are pros and cons to

There are pros and cons to

Pros of Renting a Car

There are also advantages when you rent a car instead of buying your own. First, if you don’t use a vehicle that often, you are not forced to shell out extra money because you only have to pay for the rent after renting a vehicle. You also don’t have fees to deal with when you are renting, except of course for the gasoline expenses. You don’t have to pay for the insurance, the maintenance and other fees because this is already covered by the owner of the car.

Cons of Renting a Car

When you rent a car, you can’t use it anytime because most of the time, you have to return the car once you are done using it. The problem arises when the car that you are renting is being used by other people. There are also geographic limitations to cars that are for rent. You can’t bring it outside specific area to prevent accidents and untoward incidents. You can’t be sure also of the engine’s condition especially if the vehicle that has been issued to you is old and has been in operation for quite a long time already.

Renting A Car When You Get

Renting A Car When You Get

Remember that there will always be the pros and cons in the two options. The decision would have to depend on what your needs are. If you use a vehicle frequently and have to travel far, buying your own car might be the best choice. However, if you use only cars on special occasions, you might as well settle with the car rental so that you don’t have to seal with other expenses such as maintenance, gasoline and insurance fees. Remember that there is no right or wrong answers.

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At some point in your career, you’ll feel like you deserve a raise. Then again, asking for a raise may not be enough for you to get what you want. There are things that you need to do. Here are some tips that can help you get a raise.

Set a career road map as soon as you’re hired

If you’re not happy with the initial salary offered to you, ask for an evaluation on your six month. Request them to review your salary based on how well you did on your first six months. Employers typically review you performance during your sixth month, but salary raises usually come only after the first year.

Showcase your success to everyone

You don’t have to brag about what you’ve accomplished. Being silent is a not a good move either. Don’t assume that everyone knows what you’ve achieved. Your boss may not be aware of it. It is okay to send emails to your bosses as well as to your clients whenever you surpass goals.

It's the showcase of your idea

It’s the showcase of your idea

Keep letters and emails that contain praises as well as copies of successful projects

It’s always good when you have documents to show because it quantifies the results of your hard work.

Show your importance to the company by creating new ideas

Think of ways to make a project even better. Look for new ideas that can help your business achieve goals. Do your best even on the simplest tasks.

Schedule an appointment with your bosses

Talk to people who can make decisions about salary raises. It’s also best if there are people inside the company that support you. You can gain their support by working hard and showing your value.

Be aware of the current industry standards when it comes to salary and benefits

You can find a lot of resources online that will tell you the regular salary ranges for the position you have. Professional associations and recruiters are also aware of this. When you’re hired, you can also ask for the increase that people normally get after a certain period of time.

Best Tips on How to Get That

Best Tips on How to Get That

Be confident during your meeting

During the meeting with your boss and decision makers, show your appreciation to the opportunities given to you. Express your intentions in helping the company achieve success. Follow it up with a note expressing your thanks. Also, everything that was discussed should be properly documented.

Even if times are hard today, a company won’t hesitate to give you a raise if you are worthy to be rewarded. Following the tips mentioned above merely makes the process easier. It will not work for every employee out there. If you haven’t been performing up to par, don’t expect a raise to be given no matter how hard you try to ask for it. So work hard and you will be rewarded.

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